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Engineering Design (120 credits)

Engineering Design is a programme with the main objective to educate engineers with excellent technical and organizational skills in development and engineering of complex and heterogenous technical products. The programme offers three specialisation tracks.

The master’s programme in Engineering Design provides tools, models and methodologies for the design of mechanical products and for the design of industrial systems. Applicants to the programme choose one of three specified programme tracks: Combustion Engineering, Machine Design or Mechatronics.

The first term starts with a set of courses that provide an introduction to various aspects of engineering design and enhance basic skills within the chosen track. For the second and third term, the courses deepen the specialisation, culminating in the advanced project courses that tackle real-life industrial challenges and/or research problems in close cooperation with industrial companies. Throughout the programme, traditional lectures as well as exercises, seminars, assignments and laboratory experiments are learning tools in the courses.

Your degree will conclude with an individual degree project, on which you work closely with local industry or a KTH research group.

Students who graduate from the programme will possess:

* ability to perform innovative and professional product development
* good theoretical skills in product modelling, analysis and design,
* ability to approach and solve complex engineering tasks,
* experience of project work and teamwork,
* experience of working in an international environment, and
* ability to communicate effectively.

The programme is a joint effort by several areas of competence, providing leading expertise in their respective areas of research. The Department of Machine Design coordinates the programme and contributes with a majority of the courses.


If you have questions about the programme, email us at

If you have a specific question about the tracks, you can contact the individual track leaders below. For general admissions or application process questions at the programme level please contact the Admissions Office .

Programme Director for Engineering Design

Internal Combustion Engines track

Machine Design track

Mechatronics track

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