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2020 Mechatronics HK Grand Finale!

For the first time, the Mechatronics HK Grand Finale will take place digitally. This year's projects range from a juggling robot, machines for sustainable forestry, autonomous driving, virtual reality flying, a test rig for prosthetic legs and a transportable charging solution for hybrid vehicles. Join us for the Zoom Presentations at kl.13 to find what the students have been up to since March, then visit the seven Team Zoom Rooms to see Demos of their projects. All welcome!

Time: Mon 2020-12-07 13.00 - 17.00


Participating: Björn Möller et al

kl.13.00-14.20 - join us at , where students from each Team will give a short presentation of their project. Alternatively, thanks to our Industry Network ICES , you can also watch a live stream of the presentations (published at kl.12.50) on the following YouTube channel:

kl.14.30-16.30 - visit the Zoom Rooms below to see their Demos and ask questions.

We look forward to seeing you!

2020 Project Posters (thumbnails)
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