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MMK employee wins award

Published Sep 29, 2015

Jennie Björk, Associate professor at KTH Machine Design with the division Integrated Product Development (IPU), has won the Mariano Corso Best Practical Implications Award as a co-author.

Anna Karlsson and Jennie Björk.

Anna Karlsson, research engineer at Sandvik Coromant, and Jennie Björk was praised for their research paper "Establish and Manage a Network for Continuous Innovation - Invoking Organizational Pressure" at CINets international conference 2015 .

The awarded paper combines academic relevance and rigor with a clear application for the research and easy adaptation for practical use.

Furthermore it describes the establishment and subsequent management of the network of Idea Ambassadors in the Product Management and R&D organization in Sandvik Coromant. The Idea Ambassadors form an Idea network spanning departments in order to encourage and support working with innovation.

- The award recognizes that we handle idea management in a proactive way, also by international standards, says Börje Ahnlén, Senior manager Business & Application development.

Marco Zwinkels , R & D Director Technology Platforms, adds,

- I am proud that we have created a way of working that contributes to our present and future competitiveness - we are on the right track.