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MMK students wins competition

Published Nov 04, 2015

Venture Cup is the leading contest for those who want to develop their business idea into a successful business concept and start a business. Annually 1.8 million SEK is awarded to innovative business ideas and entrepreneurs with the aim of contributing to a sustainable Swedish growth.

The competition is divided into 4 regions (North, South, West and East) and further into 4 categories for each region (Humans & Society, Life Science & Technology, Environment & Energy and Web, Software & Media). After fierce competition and a tough jury round the Venture Cup jury now have selected the best business ideas in each region for autumn 2015. All winners have, except  the honor, been awarded with 5 000 SEK.

In the category of Life Science & Technology, eastern region, MMK students Stefan Stanica, Mikaela Kenne, Natalie Somi och Malin Högstedt won with their idea Nitrofuse for companies within the energy sector. The idea is to inject nitrogen gas into biofuel stacks which enables the use of a larger amount of energy and reduce the risk of fire, contributing to saving of several million SEK annually.

(Photo: Venture Cup)

This contribution is a part of the course MF2078 Innovation, Product and Business Development from the track Product Innovation at Integrated Product Design. MMK congratulates the winners!