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Project in Combustion Engineering: Laser measurements in engine intake

Published May 02, 2013

The unit for internal combustion engines is carrying out a laser measurement project to gain understanding of the mixing between air and EGR in the engine intake. EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is used to decrease the harmful NOx emissions of a diesel engine.

Together with researchers from Lund University, infrared lasers are installed at several places in the intake pipe of a Scania engine. The laser beam goes across the intake pipe to a detector that reacts to the varying laser intensity, which depends on the amount of EGR.

The fast response of the laser technology allows measurements of EGR concentration with high sampling frequency (5 kHz). This new technology will allow the researcher to gain insight into mixing processes of the pulsating flows and the information will be used to further improve engine efficiency and decrease the harmful engine emissions.

A laser adapter being installed.