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Student project at Machine Design drew attention during President Obama's visit

Published Sep 09, 2013

During his visit at KTH President Obama had the opportunity to both see and feel the fuel-cell car Sleipner. Students at KTH Machine Design has been involved in the development of this prototype.

Sleipner uses a carbon fiber shell.

The car Sleipner competed earlier this year in the prototype class in the Shell Eco Marathon , which this year was held in Dutch Rotterdam. It achieved the fine performance of 169 km / kWh, which is about 1,500 km on one (1!) Liter gasoline.

The Sleipner project started in autumn 2010, to replace the earlier prototype class car Agilis. Both the body and chassi of Sleipner is completely built from the beginning.

There is also a blog where you could follow the car's progress: KTH Eco Cars 2013