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Vital activity at the Design Faculty

Published Sep 27, 2013

Today the Design Faculty employs 53 Ph.D. Students from 12 different colleges and universities around the country. Since the start in 2008 there are ten Ph.D. design doctors.

Approximately ten more will submit their dissertations in the coming year and Marcus Jahnke , PhD student at HDK , was the latest on 20 September this year. In his "Meaning in the Making - Introducing a hermeneutic Perspective on the Contribution of Design Practice to Innovation " he has also looked at what happens if you let the designer's skills model for innovative work in the engineering firm , and how innovation is fostered by questioning the products manufactured.

One of the Design Faculty alumni, Martin Avila , is currently a lecturer in industrial design at the Art Academy and the first to which the Swedish Research Council granted an international postdoc in artistic research with a focus on design. The project is entitled “Symbiotic tactics. Design Interventions to increase awareness and understanding of ecological complexity” and is a collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Institute of Vegetal Biology in Cordoba , Argentina and the African Centre for Cities in Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose of the Research Council's contribution is to promote international mobility of newly qualified researchers with Swedish doctorates.

In addition to the students organize four annual boarding, the next one in New York and the last of this year, the 29th in succession in Umeå , the Design Faculty is also an active partner in the network Nordes - Nordic Design Research . In addition to conferences and summer schools there are now plans for a Nordic research school. With the objective to strengthen and clarify design research in the Nordic countries, such a realization could serve as a supplement to local and national programs. Follow the progress and receive news and other related design research at the Design Faculty .