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WESE 2015: Workshop on Embedded Systems Education

Published Oct 22, 2015

On 8 October, academic researchers and industrial practitioners from all over the world gathered in Amsterdam to discuss the future of embedded systems and CPS education.

Walid Taha

As part of ES Week 2015, the 11th international Workshop on Embedded Systems Education - chaired by Martin Törngren and Martin Edin Grimheden of the KTH Mechatronics division and Falk Salewski of Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Germany -  generated many useful ideas and discussion points, and featured two keynote speakers. 

Walid Taha , Professor of Computer Science at Sweden’s Halmstad University and  Rice University, Houston Texas in the US, presented A First Course on Cyber-Physical Systems – The Flipped Classroom Experience (pdf 1.3 MB)

Michael Winokur

Dr Michael Winokur , Corporate Operations Director for Engineering and Development  at Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd, focused on the Challenges of starting a new Embedded Systems Speciality (pdf 3.0 MB)  in an established EE Department.


Because the design of embedded and cyber-physical systems requires multidisciplinary skills (control and signal processing theory, electronics, computer science, networking, physical systems modeling, etc), as well as application domain knowledge, there is great demand for engineers with this skill set – which in turn has motivated a growing interest in how to best educate specialists in this domain. The depth and breadth of today’s curricula – and the methods used to teach them - greatly affect the impact future CPS engineers will have on society as a whole.

WESE is an established part of Embedded Systems Week ( ), and appeals to a broad community, both in terms of workshop delegates and contributors of peer-reviewed scientific papers. The proceedings are included in the ACM digital library.  

The next workshop will take place at ES Week 2016 in Pittsburgh, USA, and will be organized as a flipped workshop - in analogy with the flipped classroom model!  Papers will be made available before the workshop and participants will be asked to read (a subset of them) and to prepare questions. Apart from the keynotes, all papers will be given "5 minute-only" pitches  to present key take aways and questions, making much more time available for discussions.

You can read more about  WESE 2015 , and  WESE 2014   (also coordinated by Martin Törngren).  

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