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Promobilia MoveAbility Lab is a physical research infrastructure for analysing human movement and working with state-of-the-art tools for biomechanical and physiological measurement. Our equipment is listed below.

Motion analysis (Vicon V16, 16 MP at 120 Hz, 2000 Hz max)

3 fixed +3 portable force plates (AMTI)

IMUs (Myon aktos-t)

EMG (Myon aktos-nano)

Ultrasound (Philips)

Pressure insoles (pedar and Moticon)

Treadmill (Monarch)

High-density EMG 400 + 64 channels (OTB)

Simulation (OpenSIM and AnyBody)

(Own developed algorithms)

Belongs to: MoveAbility Lab
Last changed: Feb 28, 2024