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Program support FHV: The Future of occupational health care - a research program for continuous improvement, learning and assessment

The project is a collaboration between KTH, KI and IVL to build long-term research on occupational health care. The scientists involved in the research program conducts research related to occupational health care, and they are responsible and active in the new programs at KTH and KI for occupational health care staff. Results from previous studies suggest that much of today's occupational health care focuses on health surveillance, rehabilitation and work capacity assessment, i.e. all on an individual level. Only little focus lies on organization, and customers often do not see occupational health care services as an actor at the organizational level. However, the services offered vary between different units and depends on e.g. organization and on the customers’ needs and requirements. Furthermore, there are few research-based studies on the effects of occupational health care.

Conditions are changing significantly in our workplaces and for occupational health care services to actively contribute to business value, more systematic monitoring and evaluation of method use, interventions and activities is need, to be able to develop and improve them.

The overall purpose of the program is to support the development of more effective occupational health care through research-based knowledge, continuous improvement, learning and evaluation. This also includes the economic consequences of occupational health care. The program focuses on three areas:

  1. Methods and tools to efficiently monitor and improve work environment and health
  2. Contents of and motivations for occupational health care services
  3. Approach and methods to evaluate and improve the efficiency of occupational health care interventions and preventive measures

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