Hans Hebert

Hans Hebert

Dean, Professor

Professor in Biotechnology, School of Technology and Health, KTH since 2005.

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Research interests

Membrane related processes in living organisms are dependent on the interplay between the barrier function of the lipids and the mechanisms of membrane proteins. An overall aim of my research is to characterize such processes under close to native conditions. One specific topic is the COX2/PGE2 pathway. It is involved in many common pathological conditions and has membrane proteins which are potential drug targets. Another focus is to determine structures of large macromolecular complexes in their unconstrained, physiological states. We are using cryo electron microscopy, cryoEM. This method allows not only analysis of one structurally identical form of a complex but also exploration of functionally relevant conformational modes or assembly states. By the use of high resolution electron microscopes like the ones we have in our laboratory and appropriate image processing it is possible to achieve subnanometer resolutions and detect secondary structure elements and in some cases even build atomic models.

Academic degrees

Docent in medical physics, Karolinska Institutet (KI), 1981

Doctor of Technology, KI, 1979

Master of Technology, Uppsala University, 1975

Academic and industrial merits

Professor in Cryo Electron Microscopy, Lund University, 2001-2004

Research position, Swedish Natural Science Research Council, 1995-2000

Associate professor, Center for Structural Biochemistry, KI, 1990-1994

Assistant professor, Dept of Medical Biophysics, KI, 1983-1989

Postdoctoral fellowship, Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Munich, 1981 - 1982

Research assistant, Dept. of Medical Biophysics, KI, 1977 – 1981

Research engineer, Stansaab AB, 1975-1976

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, MPI für Biochemie, Munich 1990 – 1991

Comission of trust

Member of Central Promotion Review Committee, KTH, since 2005

Member of Faculty Assembly, KTH, since 2009

President of Scandinavian Society for Electron Microscopy, 1998 – 2002

Member of the Executive Board for the European Microscopy Society, 1998 – 2004

Technical platform manager, Swegene, Lund University, 2001-2004

VR-M assessment group member, since 2009

Member of international advisory board “Ion pump consortium” Århus University, since 2007

International Advisory Board for ISDSB2007, Tokyo

International Advisory Board for 14th European Microscopy Congress, Aachen, 2008

International Advisory Board for ISDSB2010, Paris

Organizing committee for SCANDEM2001 (chairman) and SCANDEM2010 (member)

Pedagogic activities

During 1976 to 1990 I took an active part in the physics education for medical students, 150 students twice a year, at KI. As junior research fellow I gave lectures, produced course material and designed examinations. During two years I had the main responsibility for the course involving administration and organization for a staff of 10 to 15 teachers and assistants. After moving to the Center for Structural Biochemistry in Huddinge I designed, together with other group leaders, new courses in structural biochemistry. My main responsibility has been electron microscopy and courses and lectures have also been given at other universities in the Nordic countries. I took an active part in the Summer University of Southern Stockholm and arranged international graduate courses in several topics attracting 100 to 150 students each year. At KTH I have initiated a biophysical imaging track within a master program in medical imaging. I have been main supervisor for 11 graduate students who received their PhD degree and also supervised several master thesis projects.

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