Publications 2018

Full length papers

Trillo-Muyo S, Nilsson HE, Recktenwald CV, Ermund A, Ridley C, Meiss LN, Bähr A, Klymiuk N, Wine JJ, Koeck PJB, Thornton DJ, Hebert H, Hansson GC. (2018) Granule-stored MUC5B mucins are packed by the non-covalent formation of N-terminal head-to-head tetramers. J Biol Chem. 293, 5746-5754.

Yoon J, Kim SJ, An S, Cho S, Leitner A, Jung T, Aebersold R, Hebert H, Cho US, Song JJ. (2018) Integrative Structural Investigation on the Architecture of Human Importin4_Histone H3/H4_Asf1a Complex and Its Histone H3 Tail Binding. J Mol Biol. 430, 822-841.

Söderberg CAG, Månsson C, Bernfur K, Rutsdottir G, Härmark J, Rajan S, Al-Karadaghi S, Rasmussen M, Höjrup P, Hebert H, Emanuelsson C. (2018) Structural modelling of the DNAJB6 oligomeric chaperone shows a peptide-binding cleft lined with conserved S/T-residues at the dimer interface. Sci Rep. 8, 5199.

Sarr M, Kronqvist N, Chen G, Aleksis R, Purhonen P, Hebert H, Jaudzems K, Rising A, Johansson J. (2018) A spidroin-derived solubility tag enables controlled aggregation of a designed amyloid protein. FEBS J. 285, 1873-1885.

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