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Division of Technology in Health Care

Technology in Health Care aims to create working and sustainable systems that promote healthy development and meaningful lives. We are interested in what it means to be human in the age of digitization and how it should affect the design of new technologies.

The research group at the unit of Technology in Health Care.

By testing new solutions with users, both in the laboratory and in real life settings, we create the closeness that is necessary to make things work in various activities. By doing so, we contribute to deepening the knowledge about domestication and contextualization of technologies at the same times as we return the result to research for continuous innovations.

At the department for Biomedical engineering and health at KTH, Technology in Health Care has a vital and strategic role beyond single applications. Digital systems implemented today in society are dependent on citizen’s active participation. The need to understand and conceptualize the societal and everyday context is key to make digitization work. Patient and care receivers can no longer be regarded as passive receivers of technology but as active participants.

Technologies for rehabilitation and health care are moving out from hospitals into people´s homes and no longer an issue for health care professionals only. Both home health care and home help services are dependent on that their organizations are catching up with developments. Technology for health care is there along the line from development and design to implementation and evaluation.

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