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Pellow at Tekniska Museet

Time: Mon 2020-10-26

The first web browser was created 30 years ago! Today Chrome, Firefox,
Edge and Safari are among the most widely used software applications.
They provide citizens around the globe an access point to a stellar
network of information, public services, business and knowledge.

Pellow is an interactive installation that reveals what happens under
the hood of a web browser when you visit web pages. When you browse, the
browser communicates with many different pages and companies around the
world. Pellow lets you see and hear the browser interacting with many
other machines all over the world to fetch all of the content. You get a
chance to observe where this content comes from and how many
organizations and machines around the globe are solicited to deliver the
web page that you want.

Pellow is a software art installation designed and developed by the collective.

The installation is named after Nicola Pellow. She is an Internet
pioneer who programmed the second web browser ever created, in 1991: the
Line Mode Browser.

The Pellow installation will be at Tekniska Museet, in Stockholm,
Sweden, starting on October 26, 2020.

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Last changed: Oct 14, 2020