Modern companies have often hundreds of business critical IT systems, IT systems which are becoming more interconnected and complex. Within the field of system architecture, we offer courses with focus on methods for understanding and managing IT in a business context.

EH2770 IT Management with Enterprise Architecture I 7.5 credits

The basic course, aims to prepare our students for developing and using models that are employed for designing and managing cost-effective IT-systems and the organizations using them. We look at information and control systems for businesses such as the power-, process-, telecommunication-, and manufacturing industries.

EH2781 IT Management with Enterprise Architecture II, Case Studies 15.0 credits

The advanced course, takes an approach to IT systems management that relies on models of information systems and their environment, called Enterprise Architecture (EA). Our students will learn how to rationally determine what actions to take with respect to IT systems in order to support the goals of the organization. The course is project-based, meaning that all theories and methods will be used in a real-life case at a Swedish company. Each project group will be assigned a company and a case at the beginning of the course. The main outcome and examination of the course is a case study report.

EP221V Enterprise Modeling: Holistic Systems & Software Modeling 3.0 credits

This is a seminar course for people in industry with experience in IT / EA. The course is focused on holistic systems and software modeling (enterprise modeling / enterprise architecture). Each seminar will focus on one architecture modeling and analysis approach, e.g. one seminar on quantitative holistic threat modeling and another seminar on complexity analysis using design structure matrices.

EN2720 Ethical Hacking 7.5 credits

Ethical hackers are contracted for practical assessment of computer network security. Furthermore, for an effective defense against cyber attacks, a deep understanding of attackers' available range of action is required.

Online course in Ethical Hacking 7.5 credits

The purpose of this course is to develop students' understanding of and ability to use ethical hacking techniques to perform cyber-security audits of computer networks. The main activity of the course comprises the penetration of a rigged virtual corporate network environment.

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