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Welcome Batch 6!

KTH Innovation can now present the nine newest startups that will join the 12 month program of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator.

Batch 6 contains startup projects from a range of technology fields such as tools for stress reduction, production of climate friendly protein foods to new programming languages for beginners or indoor farming solutions.

Read more about the KTH Innovation pre-incubator here!

Meet Batch 6 of KTH Innovation pre-incubator!

Closs- optimizes childhood obesity treatment by analyzing and presenting behavioral data and treatment goals based on data from previous successful individuals.

CodaEasy- a programming-platform which provides interactive learning material based on a new programming language which is multilingual, tailored for education and beginners of all ages.

Ecobloom- smart indoor farming solutions to empowering people to grow more sustainably.

JobSweeper- from our database of tens of thousands of jobs, swipe your way to your next job.

Labtrino- Raising consumption awareness through automated water and energy measurement systems.

LIQUID- through an open and transparent marketplace for invoices/factoring we facilitate better financing for companies.

Nutrient- develops climate-friendly protein/nutrient products, including products based on insects, but also plant-based vegan products.

Enfidem - helps you get a hold of your company’s loans.

YuHu- digital mindfulness based on digital technology and physical devices for mindful breathing to help with stress reduction.