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Biomedical Engineering & Science - SJTU-KTH 2021 Joint International Summer School

SJTU-KTH Joint International Summer School is committed to maintaining an
energetic and interdisciplinary educational and lab work environment, on the basis of biomedical engineering topics, including biomedical instrumentation nano, molecular and regenerative medicine Imaging, computational and systems biomedicine. Most of the activities are designed to provide an adequate academic connection with well known scholars and professors in KTH and SJTU

To Apply

Please send your CV and a letter of motivation (no more than 500 words in total) to shangli@sjtu.edu.cn SJTU Applicants or ron@kth.se KTH Applicants by August 1, 2021.

Time and Location

August, 23 rd to 27 th, 2021 online.

Language of instruction



3 credits on completion of the KTH-SJTU Joint International Summer School.

Grading scale



DEL1 - Attendance, 1,5 hp, grading scale: P/F

RAP1 - Report, 1,5 hp, grading scale: P/F

Education cycle

Third cycle

Main field of study

Technology and health

Intended learning outcomes

  • To gain understanding of prominent interdisciplinary biomedical and bioanalytical research at SJTU and KTH
  • To be able to relate the scientific content of the course to one’s own research project. The scientific content will cover biomedical technology, proteomics, genomics, robotics, neurology, biomedical simulations and modeling
  • To understand differences and similarities in Swedish and Chinese research methodology and culture and hypothesize how this can impact collaborations
  • To gain an understanding of how the future challenges of health care in Sweden and China can be solved through technological solutions


Lecture handouts and scientific articles.

Number of places



KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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