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KTH ReUse and ReCycle day at Campus Fair, 21 august

Are you giving the KonMari method a go? Is your bike skipping a gear or you need to patch your tire. Take the opportunity to recycle what no longer gives you joy at Stockholm Vatten and Avfall's Pop-up Recycling Container and get help to service your bike at KTH Campus August 21.

In collaboration with Stockhom Stad, Stockholm Vatten och Avfall and Akademiska Hus.

Welcome to a day for a sustainable life on KTH Campus.

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What can you drop-off at the Pop-up ReUse?

  • environmentally hazardous waste
  • portable waste
  • things that can be recycled
  • Things you don't know how to recycle - We'll help!

Visit us at Bike Day at KTH Entré or swing by the Pop-up ReUse Container and Sustainability Square by Millespotten.

Bike Day Program 10:00- 14:00

Location: KTH Entré

Akademiska Hus and KTH Sustainability Office will be holding the yearly Bike Day. Activities on 21 august: 

  •  Notice Board – Tell us your ideas for a sustainable campus
  • Bike contest – Win a bike or a Hövdning helmut. Draw a picture of yourself on a bike and answer a question to enter. It's harder then you think!
  • Meet the Police - Police officers will be onsite to answer your questions about traffic rules and regulations and more
  • MIOO Recycle and Bike service company - get help with minor service needs free of charge. First come first serve!“

About Pop-up Reuse and Recycle

Pop-up Reuse is a mobile solution that focuses on facilitating reuse for the Stockholmers and reducing the amount of waste. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what can be reused and what to sort for recycling. The staff on site is there to teach how to do the right thing. Two specially designed containers are set up and everyone may submit items they want to get rid of. Both containers (one for submission and one for pickup) are manned during the days. During evenings and nights they are closed and locked.

Read more about Pop-up Reuse and Recycle (SWE)

Sustainability Square and PopUp ReUse and Recycling Program 10:00- 14:00

Location: Vallhallavägen 79

KTH and Stockholm Vatten och Avfall welcomes you to a seminar and Sustainability Square about reuse. Drop-off used goods or find something you need to take home at the PopUp Reuse and Recycling Container. Join the seminar and learn more about how Stockholm and KTH works with waste issues and sustainability. Don't forget to register for the seminar below!


  • Stockholm Vatten and Avfall PopUp Reuse and Recycling Container - Drop-off to recycle, pick up to reuse and repurpose.
  • Sustainabilty Square – meet representatives från Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, Akademiska Hus, KTH researchers and students. Find out what is being done to encourage responsible waste resource management. Don't miss:
    • KTH's Beekepper BIMAN to learn more about KTH’s beehives
    • KTH Sustainability Office
    • KTH Innovation
    • Stockholm Vatten och Avfall
    • Student and research projects
    • mm

12:00 – 13:00 Seminarium: Beyond Recycling

Speakers: Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor of Environment and Climate Stockholm Stad, Karin Bradley, Programme Director Mistra Sustainable Consumption KTH, Göran Finnveden, Vice President for Sustainability KTH and Karin Sundin, Technical Officer Stockholm Vatten och Avfall.

All registered participants will receive a veggie wrap (KTH) and a water bottle (SVOA).


12:00 Göran Finnveden, Vice President for Sustainability KTH
12:05 Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor of Environment and Climate, Stockholm
12:25 Karin Bradley, Programme Director Mistra Sustainable Consumption KTH ”Sustainable furnishing” - mapping Sustainable interior design
12.40 Karin Sundin,  Technical Officer Stockholm Vatten och Avfall - Stockholm's waste management and PopUp ReUse Container
13:00 Seminar ends

13:00 – 14:00 Sustainability Square fortsätter