PhD Courses

PhD courses at KTH of interest for PhD students focusing on environment and sustainable development.

Anders Nilsson, från KTH, är en av doktoranderna som deltar i en sino-europeisk doktorandskola i Kina.(Foto:Tarek AlSkaif)

Doktorander i Kina löser energigåta

Under två veckor träffas drygt 60 doktorander och ett antal lärare i en sino-europeisk doktorandskola.
Med gemensamma krafter letar man lösningar till hur Kina ska bli koldioxidneutralt till år 2040.

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There are a number of courses on Master's level dealing with the environment, environmental engineering or sustainable development that could be taken as a postgraduate course (discuss with your supervisor). Link to all courses dealing with the sustainable development

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PhD courses at other universities

Please note that priority usually is given to the universities own PhD students.

Stockholm Resilience Center

School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person
AG3202 Life Cycle Assessment, Advanced Course 7,5 Göran Finnveden
1N5008 Environmental Strategic Methods 7,5 Mattias Höjer
1N5007 Seminars on Environmental Strategies 4,5 Göran Finnveden
1N5407 Literature Course in Environmental Strategies Research 7,5 Göran Finnveden
AL3506 Literature Course in Environmental Strategies Research 3 Göran Finnveden
AL3507 Literature Course in Environmental Strategies Research 5 Göran Finnveden
AL3502 Project in Environmental Strategic Analysis 10 10 Josefin Wangel Weithz
AL3500 Project in Environmental Strategic Analysis 15 15 Josefin Wangel Weithz
AL3505 Project in Environmental Strategic Analysis 1.5 1,5 Josefin Wangel Weithz
AL3504 Project in Environmental Strategic analysis 3 3 Josefin Wangel Weithz
AL3503 Project in Environmental Strategic Analysis 5 5 Josefin Wangel Weithz
AL3501 Project in Environmental Strategic Analysis 7.5 7,5 Josefin Wangel Weithz
AG3162 Planning for Sustainable Urban Development 7,5 Karin Bradley

School of Biotechnology (BIO)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person
3A5110 Enzymatic Synthesis 6 Per Berglund

School of Chemical Science and Engineering (CHE)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person
3C5619 Environmental Catalysis 6 Roberto Lanza
KF3340 Renewable polymers and Green Materials 3 Ulrica Edlund

School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person

ICT and sustainability


Daniel Pargman or Elina Eriksson

School of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person
IM3001 Material för energitillämpningar 3 Ulf Karlsson
IH3608 Nanoelectronic Device Fabrication 7.5 Mikael Östling

School of Engineering Sciences (SCI)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person
SG3226 Wind Energy Aerodynamics 7,5 Antonio Segalini

School of Technology and Health (STH)

Course Credits (ECTS) Contact person
6L5025 Teknik och hälsa 7,5 Peta Sjölander