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Crosstalks November 27

Next episode of Crosstalks is aired November 27 from Nymble, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Tid: To 2014-11-27 kl 17.00 - 20.00

Plats: Nymble - Tekniska Högskolans Kårhus, Drottning Kristinas väg 15


Jenny Forss

Join the studio audience and take part in the discussions during the live broadcast. Register via the link below. A snack is served from 16.00


Global biodiversity – Species on the verge of extinction - or (re)creation

Many species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. What would their extinction mean for life on earth? With the technology available today, we have the means to preserve many endangered species. But should all species be saved? And if so, how much are we willing to pay to save them? We can also bring back to life species that died out centuries ago – but should we? Listen to what some of the leading experts in the field have to say about these questions in next Crosstalks.

Outbreak – The threat and battle of pandemics

The current Ebola outbreak is spreading, despite efforts to contain the virus with closed borders and curfews. How should we handle the threat of contagious diseases in our interconnected world? What technologies are available? How can we predict and monitor similar outbreaks? Which political and social methods are most effective for minimizing the spread of diseases? Listen to what some of the leading experts in the field have to say about these issues in next Crosstalks.

Power to the people – Facing the global energy challenges

Access to energy is perhaps the modern world's most fundamental challenge. It is a central part of our struggle to save the environment and create a more sustainable world. It is also the basis for political conflicts and wars. Unsustainable energy sources are running out or being phased out. Nuclear power is still very important to many societies, but often controversial. New and greener energy sources are gathering momentum, though not without their own problems and challenges. How can we meet the global need for power and energy efficiency in the future? What are the most interesting technologies, projects and policies? How will the quest for energy affect the political and economic landscape?


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