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LABATON What is a car, a truck, a bus in 2025? We will discuss, build and experiment

Concept thinking and engineering in the early stages is the workshop focus. Simple full scale 1:1 mockups will be built jointly. The physical trial-and-error work and equally important discussions between the different participating disciplines aim at finding approximate holistic answers to what these new vehicles are. Idea boards will be created through discussions. Function, volumes and positions of vehicle systems will be fabricated with simple materials like plastic foam, wire rods, tape, etc.

Tid: Må 2015-04-27 - To 2015-04-30

Plats: ITRL, Drottning Kristinas väg 40

This first LABATON is free of charge. The project result will be open to the public and published in KTH documents and media and as a time lap film. Participants need to grant permission for appearing in photos. Link

Apply to: Eva Geijer Lilliehöök evalill@kth.se Questions: Per Gyllenspetz Phone +46 702-192799

Anmälan till Eva Geijer Lilliehöök evalill@kth.se. Frågor till Per Gyllenspetz 070-219 27 99