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Undisciplining (Environmental) Humanities: Guerilla Narrative and Toxic Autobiographies

The EHL have been Undisciplining the Environmental Humanities since 2011. But what do we and others mean when we use the expression? Join us in this serie of seminars, as we meet to discuss this and to share experinces from our undisciplining practices arround the world.

Time: Tue 2021-05-11 15.00

Location: Zoom. Register below.

Participating: Marco Armiero, KTH Envrionmental Humanities Laboratory

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Undisciplining environmental humanities everywhere! A space for meeting and sharing experiences. Sign up for the event through this link:  

Full Schedule:

Guerilla Narrative and Toxic autobiographies
with Marco Armiero, May 11, 3 pm CEST

Collective Reconstruction of the Histroy of the Gulf of California, Mexico. Using Environmental History to Resignify and Protect the Territory
with Micheline Cariño Olvera, May 14, 6 pm CEST

The Workers' University: Defending Social Care
with Damir Arsenijevic, May 17, 11 am CEST

Environmentalism from Below
with Ashley Dawson, May 25, 4 pm CEST

Babilonia lives: Research, Reforestation and Survival Strategies in Copacabana Favela
with Lise Sedrez, June 8

Marco Armiero
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