In late 2018 Crosscut broke grounds for the first time in history. During three days at Bio Rio in Stockholm, hundereds of visitors enjoyed a varied programme of documentary films and discussions on themes such as media activism, postcoloniality, resource extraction, indigenous politics, plastic, relational filmmaking and much more. The overall theme was intended to put an emphasis on bridges and crossings amongst individuals, publics, communities and institutions; and, research and film projects from a range of geographies, backgrounds, genres and disciplinary, professional, political, racial and gender orientations.

The Team


  • "Tales from planet earth" Formas Diarienr 2017-02274
  • “Towards a Visual Environmental Humanities in the Digital Era” Formas Diarienr 2016-00612
  • “Occupy Climate Change!” FORMAS (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development) under the National Research Programme on Climate (Contract: 2017-01962_3).
  • “Arctic Governance and the Question of Fit in a Globalised World”, funded by FORMAS (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development) (Contract 2011-2014-1020)
  • KTH Sustainability Office on "Environment and sustainability without boundaries 2018" (Contract: V-2018-0833, KS-kod 2.4.4)

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