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The Digital Conference

Streams 2021 was an all digital conference where participants from all over the world met and interacted with each other. Although we initially planned for an on-site conference we found many positive sides of going completely online. One being less traveling, which is more inclusive and environmentally friendly. Below you can read what different types of sessions STREAM consisted of.

Program 2021 (pdf 575 kB)

Keynote presentation

A keynote was a 45 min presentation by a specially invited guest, followed by a moderated Q&A with all the listeners.  

Paper panels

Most of the sessions at the conference were one and a half hour paper panels. They consisted of 3 or 4 speakers who will presented their work, 15 minutes each. After that followed a live discussion between the presenters and a Q&A with all the listeners.


The roundtable discussions concerned a specific topic between the participants, moderated by a chair, where listeners where able to write questions to the participants.

Experimental sessions and films

These sessions consisted of a variety of presentations, films, and interactions.

Network meetings

STREAMS hosted several networking meetings during the conference days. Informal meeting places for collective discussions concerning a variety of topics.

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