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List of Ongoing Projects

Some of the projects can be found described in the menue to the left.

Research Projects at the Division
Project PI Funding Agency Start  
Sustainability’s Formative Moment Eric Paglia Formas 2022  
Beyond “unprepared”: Towards an integrative expertise of drought Fredrik Bertilsson Formas 2018  
SOS Climate Waterfront Workshop Katarina Larsen KTH 2020  
Media and Environment: AI and Autonomous Systems in Data-Based Environmental Research Lina Rahm WASP-HS 2022  
Occupy Climate Change Marco Armiero Formas 2017  
CrossCuts Film Festival Marco Armiero KTH Sustainability/Formas/ABE 2017  
Harnessing the heat below our feet: Promises, pitfalls and spatialization of geothermal energy as a decarbonization strategy                          Marco Armiero Formas 2021  
Air Epistemologies: Practices of Ecopoetry in Ibero American Atmospheres Nuno Marques VR/Swedish Research Council 2021  
Indigenous avant la lettre. The origins and livelihoods of the Sámi in European scholarly thought 1930-1960 Otso Kortekangas VR/Swedish Research Council 2019  
GRETPOL: Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic Peder Roberts European Comission/H2020 2017  
NUCLEARWATERS Per Högselius European Comission/H2020 2018  
The Mediated Planet: Claiming Data for Environmental SDGs Sabine Höhler Formas 2020  
Decay without mourning: Future-thinking heritage practices Susanna Hansen van der Watt RJ/The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences 2022  
Making Universities Matter: A Knowledge Platform on the Role of Universities in Society Sverker Sörlin Vinnova 2015  
R-Quest - Centre for Research Quality and Policy Impact Studies Sverker Sörlin NIFU/ Nordic Institute ofr Studies in Innovation, Research and Education 2016  
SPHERE: Study of the Planetary Human-Earth Relationship: The Rise of Global Environmental Governance Sverker Sörlin European Comission/H2020 2018  
SPOOR: Mistra Sport & Outdoors Sverker Sörlin Mistra 2020  
NATURE - Examining Nature-Society Relations Through Urban Infrastructure Timos Karpouzoglou RJ/The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences 2019  
Media and Environment: AI and Autonomous Systems in Data-based Environmental Research Sabine Höhler/Lina Rahm/Erik Ljungberg Wallenberg WASP-HS 2022  
Civilsamhället i kris (CivKris) Lina Rahm MSB 2022  
Ecosystem for Sustainable Fishing Navigation in the Municipality of Guapi, Cauca Katarina Larsen SIDA 2023  
Människan och misstaget i den artificiella intelligensens epok, 1940-1990 Johan Fredrikzon VR/Swedish Research Council 2022  
Carbon transnationalism Per Högselius VR/Swedish Research Council 2023  
External Projects Participants at the Division      
Svensk petrokultur: lärdomar för en omställning till ett hållbart energisystem Susanna Lidström Chalmers    
Planetary Health Histories: Developing Concepts Sverker Sörlin University of Sydney    
Maritime Modernities: Formats of Oceanic Knowledge Susanna Lidström/Sverker Sörlin Universitetet i Oslo    
Open Water Katarina Larsen ITM KTH    
When climate demands sacrifice: Translating research to action Nina Wormbs EECS KTH    
The construction of knowledge and expertise in civil preparedness Fredrik Bertilsson FOI    
CHEPIS: Strengthening African higher education research and expertise through establishing dual Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programme in higher education, policy and innovation studies. Sverker Sörlin EECS KTH/SIDA    
KTH Climate change utopia and dystopia narratives Katarina Larsen KTH Climate Action Centre 2023  
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Last changed: May 23, 2023