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Higher seminar “Extending an ethics of care to ‘rusty junk’? Contestations of value and Svalbard’s Cultural Heritage”

Abstract: Heritage studies and practice are becoming increasingly inclusive of, and attentive to emotional and affectual relations with heritage, both material and ephemeral. In this seminar I wish to explore the possibilities of bringing this awareness into conversation with feminist care ethics. Post-humanist and animal geographers have already begun to push the boundaries of this moral-philosophical approach to the ‘more-than-human’, whilst science and technology studies scholars have started to chart the links between care and knowledge production activities. I reflect upon micro-politics and practices of care for ‘cultural heritage’ as well as other ‘non-humans’ in Svalbard, drawing on data from my doctoral thesis and subsequent research. I argue that care can be an important proxy for value in action. It therefore is both important and interesting to trace the contours of how it shapes moral and physical landscapes, and the ethics of care offers a potentially fruitful thinking companion in this endeavour.

Time: Mon 2019-09-02 13.15 - 14.45

Lecturer: Samantha Saville, Aberystwyth University in Wales

Location: Seminar room, Teknikringen 74D, 5th floor

Belongs to: Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
Last changed: Aug 22, 2019