H2020 SHAPE Energy Research Design Challenge Seminar

Basque Centre for Climate Change, Spain March 22, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Published Mar 15, 2018

Ethem Turhan and Katarina Larsen will present at the BC3 Joint Seminar on March 22, 2018 as a part of the H2020 SHAPE Energy project

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“Revisiting changing energyscapes of coal: Opportunities for engaged social science of energy“


Global energy geographies are changing, call it by will or by market forces. As coal production declines or consumption is phased out in parts of the Global North, the future of coal will likely be decided in the Global South. In this short intervention, I will present the notion of energyscapes, as multiple and nested sites of connectivity over energy, and their relation to energy justice, environmental conflicts and social movements in new geographies of coal. By putting into question the reproduction of multiple levels of socio-environmental injustices related to coal’s extraction and consumption, my intention is to have an overview of connected opportunities for engaged social science practice on supply and demand side of energy question. Empirically, I will also reflect on an ongoing research looking at the connections across the coal chain between Colombia and Turkey.

“Environmental futures studies of urban mobility and energy solutions – experiences from Swedish policy work and engineering education“


Analysis of alternative pathways to reach future desired states of energy systems and urban mobility is on the Swedish and European policy agenda and raises several questions about how to design processes engaging in a dialogue with user groups and locally embedded knowledge. One example is the development and use of scenarios for evaluating Swedish environmental quality objectives. The methodology entails developing scenario processes for 16 environmental quality objectives working with different types of scenario techniques including back-casting depicting (not predicting) future alternative pathways for urban mobility, transport and energy system solutions.

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