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Per Högselius Receives Scholarship from Natur & Kultur

Alexander Andrée, Frida Beckman, Per Högselius, Solveig Jülich, Gustav Källstrand, Mattis Karlsson, Christer Mattsson and Karin Milles are rewarded the scholarship from Natur & Kultur 2022. Photo: Pressbilder via NOK.
Published Sep 14, 2022

Per Högselius, professor of History of Technology at the division of History of science, technology and environment, together with eight other researchers, has been awarded Natur & Kultur's popular science scholarship

Swedish publisher Natur & Kultur established the scholarship to enable the spreading of research and make it more accessable to the public. This year, the scholarship is awarded to researchers who, among other things, will write books on feminist language activism, the Swedish neo-Nazi movement and inventions and natural resources.

With this scholarship, Per will write the book Gräv upp! Hugg ned! Pumpa ut! Människan och naturresurserna under 5000 år (Dig up! Chop down! Pump out! Human, and natural resources for 5,000 years), where he makes visible how our dependence on nature's many materials has developed historically and what it has done to us as people, our societies and cultures. 

Among the 2021 scholarship recipients was Nina Wormbs, also professor of history of technology at the Division, who was awarded the scholarship for the book Klimatsorg.