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Visit PMH's testbed in a virtual 3D tour

PMH Application Lab in an interactive environment with informative graphics
Published May 20, 2021

Visit PMH Application Lab with in a virtual tour filled with interactive graphics

The project ”National Testbed for Smart Production” aims to increase the availability of testbeds within the production area. The project is a collaboration between several testbeds throughout Sweden where the common objective is to increase the use of digital technologies in Swedish manufacturing companies and thereby increase competitiveness. The project coordinates several testbeds that provide an opportunity to try out new technologies, materials, or processes in specialized and controlled environments where experiments can be repeated.

PMH Application Lab’s testbed provides a unique test and validation platform for cross-location production in powertrain manufacturing. Production systems at different sites are connected by a cloud which is used for data acquisition from respective production systems and storage of data of the produced components in digital twin. Smart sensors in combination with cloud networks enable visualization of machine tool data and process information independent of the process owners’ locations.

The physical testbed has been captured with a 3D scanner and processed on a cloud platform to create a virtual 3D tour. This allows a unique virtual 3D tour of the testbed with informative graphics to get a thorough understanding of the testbed.

Visit PMH's testbed in a virtual 3D tour

Belongs to: Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab
Last changed: May 20, 2021