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Testbeds for Industry 4.0: How Can the Manufacturing Industry Benefit?

Published Oct 01, 2020

The Swedish-German Testbed for Smart Production is an integrated hardware and software interface, consisting of a set of interconnected machine tools and software systems.

The different sites in the testbed are the PMH Application Lab at KTH campus and sites of PMH’s research and industrial partners. This testbed thus offers a unique test and validation platform for cross-location developments in Industry 4.0 and smart production – especially for small and medium sized companies in close cooperation with OEMs as well as other internationally acting companies.

September 18, the first result of the Swedish-German testbed were discussed on a webinar. See the webinar at:

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce also wrote an article about the testbed. Read it at:

Testbäddar för smart produktion: Resultat av tysk-svenskt samarbete presenterat  (Only available in Swedish)

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