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Digital twin of a cutting tool (finalised)

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A hidden resource in the manufacturing industry is data. In order for future production systems to be productive and flexible, there is an increased need for strategic data management. In the Vinnova project Tweeting machine we developed IoT functionality to provide rich information from CNC machining.


The project aims to show how digitization provides the opportunity to create and maintain digital twins of production systems and how experience feedback to digital twins enables decentralized decisions in the smart factory. In the project PMH Application Lab develops together with the other project partners a digital pilot that illustrates how smart geometry models and knowledge are used and processed in the production of a product. Data from manufacturing processes are transformed into experience that is reconnected to production personnel, processors, designers and, in some cases, to suppliers – all based on digital models.

The challenge

Continuous improvements in design, preparation and manufacturing in the smart factory require reliable feedback from information and knowledge from manufacturing. By carefully and systematically following up the utilization of tools and the dimensions of the manufactured parts, there is a great potential to reduce costs of rejects. Increased predictability in processes may give the opportunity to change strategy from minimizing dimensional deviations to fully utilizing the tolerance range.
The project can also show how customers and suppliers can work together to develop competitive solutions.

Our solution

In the project, we follow a tool assembly that an OEM (Scania) buys components from a tool supplier (Sandvik Coromant) for use as a resource in its manufacture of components for heavy powertrains. Sandvik Coromant and Scania exchange information in a way that promotes their operations respectively.

Project partners

- PMH Application Lab
- Sandvik Coromant
- Scania

Project duration

2017-03-01 to 2017-12-31