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Alice Marshall

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About me

My name is Alice Marshall and I'm one of two Equality and Diversity Officers at KTH’s Equality Office. Organizationally, I am located at the Human Resources Department within KTH’s University Administration. I work with KTH's strategic work for gender equality, diversity and equal conditions and opportunities (JML is KTH’s acronym for these three areas). My main focus area is on students as a target group, including doctoral students.

The purpose of my job is to both prevent discrimination and proactively work with all seven grounds for discrimination and create more inclusive and equal environments at KTH. In order to achieve KTH’s goal of “An equal KTH,” my main focus areas are: joint organization for equality at KTH, equal conditions, raising knowledge and awareness, and building inclusive cultures at KTH.

My mission is to work strategically and on a long-term basis with gender equality and all grounds for discrimination at all levels. Practically speaking, this means that I, on average, hold about two trainings per week for students, THS (the student union) and other relevant groups, so our paths may cross soon. When I’m not holding courses and trainings, I coordinate KTH's comprehensive work against discrimination and gender mainstreaming with all five of KTH’s schools and other departments at KTH's University Administration.

If you have been subjected to something that you feel is discriminatory, offensive or harassing, you should contact the contact person at your school or the HR Manager at your school. If you read this and think that it feels overwhelming, call me and I'll help you find the right person.




Profile picture of Alice Marshall