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Publications by Claudia Andruetto



Andruetto, C., Inam, R. & Törngren, M. (2023). Adding Cyberphysical Systems to the Engineering Education "Pi". Computer, 56(2), 116-120.
Andruetto, C., Bin, E., Susilo, Y. & Pernestål Brenden, A. (2023). Transition from physical to online shopping alternatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic : A case study of Italy and Sweden. Transportation Research Part A : Policy and Practice, 171.
Chiche, A., Andruetto, C., Lagergren, C., Lindbergh, G., Stenius, I. & Peretti, L. (2021). Feasibility and impact of a Swedish fuel cell-powered rescue boat. Ocean Engineering, 234, 109259-109259.
Zhao, X., Andruetto, C., Vaddadi, B. & Pernestål Brenden, A. (2021). Potential values of maas impacts in future scenarios. Journal of Urban Mobility, 1, 100005-100005.
Bin, E., Andruetto, C., Susilo, Y. & Pernestål Brenden, A. (2021). The trade-off behaviours between virtual and physical activities during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic period. European Transport Research Review, 13(1).
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