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Publications by Arjun Rajendran Menon



Nyström, S., Börjesson Rivera, M., Katzeff, C., Hedin, B., Menon, A. R. (2021). Challenging the image of the altruistic and flexible household in the smart grid using design fiction. In Seventh Workshop on Computing within Limits 2021. PubPub.
Menon, A. R., Hedin, B., Eriksson, E. (2021). Expanding Affective Computing Paradigms Through Animistic Design Principles. In Human-Computer Interaction, Interact  2021, PT I. (pp. 115-135). Springer Nature.
Menon, A. R., Hedin, B. (2021). From Smart IoT Ecosystems to 'Living' IoT Ecosystems. In CEUR Workshop Proceedings. (pp. 6-10). CEUR-WS.
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