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Dag Avango

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About me

I am a researcher with a PhD in History of Technology, specializing in cultural heritage, particularly industrial heritage.

My research has primarily dealt with the relationship between resource extraction, science and geopolitics in the Polar Regions, and the effects of such interactions on environments and societies, from a long term historical perspective.

A related field of research is on industrial heritage and how it can contribute to sustainable development in post-industrial communities. I am part of the leadership of the Nordic Centre of Excellence REXSAC (Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities), i lead three closely related research projects dealing with the legacies of resource extraction in the Arctic, participate in one research project about the construction of cultural heritage in the Antarctic and one about the role of Sweden in global resource oriented colonialism in the 20th century.

For further information on my research projects and activities, check out the following pages:

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REXSAC: Material legacies as resources for sustainable futures: tourism, infrastructures, heritage

Sustainable communities and the legacies of mining in the Nordic Arctic

Dag Avango's web page


Degree Project in Technology and Learning, Second Cycle (LT200X), teacher | Course web