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Publications by Claudio Panariello



Panariello, C. (2020). Study in three phases : An Adaptive Sound Installation. Leonardo music journal, 30, 44-49.


Bresin, R., Frid, E., Latupeirissa, A. B., Panariello, C. (2021). Robust Non-Verbal Expression in Humanoid Robots: New Methods for Augmenting Expressive Movements with Sound. Presented at Workshop on Sound in Human-Robot Interaction at HRI 2021.
Latupeirissa, A. B., Panariello, C., Bresin, R. (2020). Exploring emotion perception in sonic HRI. In 17th Sound and Music Computing Conference. (pp. 434-441). Torino: Zenodo.
Panariello, C., Sk├Âld, M., Frid, E., Bresin, R. (2019). From vocal sketching to sound models by means of a sound-based musical transcription system. In Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conferences. (pp. 167-173). CERN.
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