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David Nilsson

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Deputy Head of School, docent




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About me

I am an engineer and historian fascinated by how knowledge, ideas and technology connects with innovation and change.  Since March 2022 I am the Deputy Head at the School of Architecture and Built Environment. In this role I am responsible for how we work with Societal Impact, Collaboration and Communication. My team of eight professionals in communication and collaboration support a range of our research centres and programmes at the school.

Personally, water and urban environment has been at the centre of my work since the mid-90's which also has been a key focus of my research at KTH. In February 2017 I was appointed the Director of WaterCentre@KTH, a collaborative platform at KTH together with partners in industry, public authorities and other research institutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic I coordinated our work on virus tracing in sewage water, which got much attention in media and academy.

Previously I have worked for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), with postings in Kenya and Zimbabwe. I also have experience from the private sector, working at large consulting companies as well as an independent advisor and facilitator in sustainable development.

I constantly challenge myself to try new things. Moreover, I love to navigate the borderland between different professional communities and geographies.This is not just because its fun. I am convinced that’s where truly new and profoundly meaningful knowledge is made.