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Doga Diren

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About me

Doğa Diren, a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University, Turkey, is driven by a passion for research and interdisciplinary exploration. Throughout her academic journey, she has demonstrated a keen interest in understanding the connections between different fields.

During her undergraduate degree, Doğa interned at the Ultrafast Optics and Lasers Laboratory, where she contributed to the development of innovative laser systems. She received a national scholarship from the Research Council of Turkey for the work she has done here. Subsequently, she joined the Cognitive Systems, Bandits, and Optimization Research Group, where she gained expertise in machine learning tools and decision-making algorithms. Before graduating she also had the opportunity to work on subjects such as bargaining theory and game theory in her research.

Alongside her academic pursuits, she has also worked as a long time CEO Office Intern at Plan-Space, a leading private space company in Turkey. Here, she contributed to the remote sensing department, focusing on image sharpening using advanced deep-learning techniques like GANs and CNNs. This practical experience provided her with insights into how theoretical knowledge can be applied in industrial settings, enriching her understanding of the field beyond academia.

Looking ahead, she is excited to delve deeper into Physics-Informed Neural Networks in her future endeavors.

Profile picture of Doga Diren