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Elena Malakhatka

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About me

My name is Elena Malakhatka. I have two MSc degrees (KTH 'Industrial engineering & management' and RSU 'Industrial energy efficiency'). I am currently working with KTH Live-in-Lab on new approach for human-centered service design for build environment with a focus on sustainability.

Project name: Service design for pro-environmental behaviour in the built environment

The project focuses on service design process starting from the users’ needs and experience, providing a systematic procedure that links data analysis to human-centered service design. Once we understand end-users behavioural patterns and preference, only then we can create potential strategies for behavioral changes and habits design towards more pro-environmental. In addition, our study is researching the role of different stakeholders in the process of behavioural change towards more pro-environmental. We also propose few methods for co-cretaion of the new services with multiple stakeholders.

The main research hypothesis:  

Service design process, tailored with the users' daily behaviours analysis in the built environment context, will give us better understanding of users’ behaviours patterns at home in general and potential areas for more pro-environmental behaviours design in particular.

The main research questions were:  

•       How to implement a human-centric and data-driven approach to the service design process?

•       How can services be designed to save resources? 

Case studies

•       Sustainable kitchen project: food-related behaviour analysis

•       Personalised thermal comfort modelling with the use of wearable device 'Oura ring'

•       Space as a service: potential to re-utilize underused spaces 

I am also organizing VR_Sci Fest annually at KTH and exploring how we can use VR/AR for scientific purpores. 


Energy Systems, Business and Management (MJ2146), teacher | Course web

Energy Systems, Models and Scenarios (MJ2141), teacher | Course web