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Erik Almlöf

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About me

My research revolves around societal impacts from self-driving vehicles, Mobility as a Service and digitalization where I try to understand the development of the transport system and how we can proactively work towards sustainability goals. In my first study I've explored the transport level impacts of self-driving technology, with a focus on public transport. The study explored both the possibilites for self-driving cars and the possibilities for the public transport sector and examined effects of e.g. mode choice and pollution. The second study I did examined different scenarios for self-driving bus services and which advantages and disadvantages that may come from the service. In addition, I've performed a study where we investigated who stopped travelling by public transport due to the pandemic.

I have a Master's Degree in Engineering from Uppsala university where I studied the multidisciplinary programme Sociotechnical Systems Engineering. Before starting my PhD studies I worked six years at Nobina as a traffic planner/market analyst and afterwards for two years at the Public Transport Administration at Stockholm County (more commonly known as "SL") as a traffic analyst. I still hold the position at the Public Transport Administration and try to foster increased collaboration and dispersion of scientific results.

What drove me to begin my PhD at ITRL was a curiosity of the development of our future transport system and ITRL's focus on multidisciplinary work and cooperation between the private industry, the academy and the public sector.

I use traffic models (for example Sampers) as my primary research tool but also interviews and workshops and try to work with "mixed methods" that fit my multidisciplinary interest.

Profile picture of Erik Almlöf