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Gabriella Doczi

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About me

As a social scientist, I conduct research for Viable Cities a Swedish Strategic Innovation Program that supports cities to become climate neutral by 2030.  In my research, I zoom in on pioneering Swedish cities that have already started the transition journey to climate neutrality in 2019 and follow their efforts closely. To do so, I use a tailored version of the Learning History action research method, which helps me understand how learning evolves in the transition arena while allowing the members of the arena themselves to become aware of their learning and change efforts in the process. At the same time, this method also allows me to map the process of transition management, to identify and analyze the key concepts, factors, actors, and events that determine each phase of the process. Then I translate this understanding into capacity-building workshops for new cities that can learn from the experiences of those at the forefront. Finally, I build on this series of workshops to develop training for transition practitioners who can help cities on their transition journey.

Profile picture of Gabriella Doczi


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