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Rebecca Hincks

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ENHETSCHEF, Lektor i Engelska





Om mig

Born and raised in Connecticut, I moved to Stockholm in 1986. I have taught English at KTH since 1995, and was a doctoral student at the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing between 2000 and 2005.  I was appointed Associate Professor of English in 2008, and have directed KTH Language and Communication since 2011.

I have taught the full range of English courses offered by our unit: Technical English at the intermediate and advanced levels, master-level courses in Scientific Communication, and doctoral student writing and speaking courses. 

I have conducted research in the areas of spoken academic English in the lingua franca environment, and in the use of speech technology for teaching and assessing pronunciation.  My current interests lie in in the balance between English and the local language in organizations that employ large numbers of expatriate professionals. 


Engelska för akademiska studier (nätbaserad) (LS1415), kursansvarig | Kurswebb

Examensarbete inom datateknik, grundnivå (DA150X), assistent | Kurswebb

Visualisera din vetenskap (FLS3104), kursansvarig | Kurswebb