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News and recent activities

Well, the list below is a bit sparse, since I am tweeting/blogging/writing in many places :)

  • November 2021: Had a great ISMIR conference, with one paper on enculturation of tapping to music, one paper on ethics of music Ai in east Asia, and a special session on ethics and copyright of music Ai.

  • December 2020: Our project proposal "AI and the Artistic Imaginary: Socio-cultural consequences and challenges of creative-Ai technology" received funding from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg foundation. Get some more info on the project in the KTH News.

  • October 2019: Our project proposal "Historically informed design of sound synthesis: A multidisciplinary, structured approach to the digitisation and exploration of electronic music heritage" has been accepted by the Swedish Research Council. Frequently updated information on the project here.

  • May 2019: Great contribution of our team to the Sound and Music Computing conference (7 papers!). I presented a paper on the synchronisation of violin players with dancers in Swedish folk music (with Olof Misgeld and Sven Ahlbäck), and a paper on real-time tempo manipulation through periodic body movement (with Lilian Jap).

  • March 2019: Presenting the outcomes of our fieldwork excursion with 12 students to Crete in Summer 2018 at the Institute of Musicology in Vienna today. Excited to see what students will report!

  • March 2019: Attending an inspiring workshop on Music, Computing, and Health at the Lorentz Centre in Leiden, Netherlands. Discussing applications of interactive systems for rehabilitation and wellbeing.

  • Fall 2018: Running my new research course Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Rhythm for the first time. We cover a broad area of topics, including critical perspectives, cognition and production, music information retieval, interaction design, linguistics, architecture, and wellbeing. Noticed, however, that we missed rhythm in film. Next time...

  • June 2018: I successfully defended my second dissertation (in ethnomusicology), titled "Structure and Interaction in Cretan Leaping Dance: Connecting Ethnography and Computational Analysis".

  • June 2018: I am delighted to give a key note talk at the SysMus (International  Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology) in Belo Horizonte in June 2018 (http://musica.ufmg.br/sysmus2018/).

  • April 2018: The motion capture study on Swedish folk dance in collaboration with my PhD student Olof Misgeld was accepted for the Folk Music Analysis workshop, and so was my paper on melodic phrases in Cretan leaping dances for the Analytic Approaches to World Music Conference (AAWM).

  • November 2017: Our music corpus study on rhythm and tempo in Hindustani music has been published in Frontiers of Digital Humanities. See there paper here.

  • October 2017: We presented out first paper as output of the Lorentz workshop at the 4th International Digital Libraries for Musicology workshop (DLfM 2017) on collaborations between MIR and music archives, headed by Reinier de Valk.

  • June 2017: Quite some activity in the context of this year's ISMIR conference. Together with my great colleagues from MTG, we have two papers, one on informed meter tracking, and one on vocal onset detection.

  • June 2017: After years of work, in collaboration with Michael Hagleitner, our book "Music on Crete: Traditions of a Mediterranean Island" has finally been published in the Vienna Series in Ethnomusicology, and it is also available in Crete by our collaborator Aerakis.

  • March 2017: Co-organized a Lorentz workshop "Computational Ethnomusicology: Methodologies for a New Field", which initiate great discussions about interdisciplinary music research. See the website for more details.

  • February 2017: The first output of the cross-cultural tapping experiments in a project led by Rainer Polak has been accepted for presentation at the RPPW (Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop). Title: "Cross-cultural variation in sensorimotor synchronization with simple rhythms: A comparative tapping study".

  • September 2016: Moved to Stockholm, in order to start my new Assistant Professor position at KTH, in the Sound an Music Computing group of the Media Technology and Interaction Design Department, in the School of Computer Science and Communication.

  • May 2016: Both papers for the ISMIR 2016 accepted. One paper is on the transcription of Cretan dance tunes, and the other paper is on the combination of Convolutional Neural Networks with Bayesian Networks for the task of meter tracking.

  • December 2015: A great month! Was notified of the acceptance of my 2-year project at the Austrian Research Fund (FWF), see an abstract here, and our ICASSP submission on tracking long metrical cycles in Indian music was accepted as well.

  • October 2015: Started working again at OFAI, in a research position in the SALSA project that aims to bridge gaps between MIR and mathematics.

  • July 2015: We got our ISMIR paper accepted and ready, with a focus on efficient inference in meter tracking, evaluated on annotated corpora of Carnatic music of India.

  • 24 June: I passed the qualification exam for my 2nd PhD (ethnomusicology) at MIAM, Istanbul, with prepared essays on "Rhythm in Amazonia" and "Korean Music". The Dr.Dr. is "just" a thesis away now.

  • 10-12 June 2015: Presented a paper on melodic phrases in Cretan dance tunes during the Folk Music Analysis (FMA) workshop in Paris.

  • April 2015: Presented a paper on aligning notation and audio recordings of Turkish makam music during the ICASSP conference in Brisbane, and had the opportunity to present my interdisciplinary work on Cretan and Turkish music atMacquarie University, Sydney (click here for the slides).

  • February 2015: taught a 6-day seminar at the Göttingen University, Germany, with the title "Computer-aided methods in ethnomusicology", material is available here.

  • 15 January 2015: What a great weak, two papers accepted: A journal paper in using Particle Filters for meter inference, as well as our ICASSP submission on audio to score linking.

  • 1 January 2015: Finished an inspiring three-month visit at New York University Abu Dhabi. We did research on the rhythm of Pearl Diving music of the Gulf, and recorded a great set of Carnatic percussion performances by the percussionist Akshay Anantapadmanabhan for our future research. The recordings consist of percussion compositions that were recorded in parallel using vocal percussion, and two percussion instruments. The individual tracks will be available for research, listen here to an example (with a metronome).

  • 31 October 2014: I gave my first tutorial on an international conference, in this year's ISMIR conference. Get the slides of the tutorial titled "Why is Greek music interesting: Towards an ethics of MIR" (some media is missing due to copyright issues).

  • 31 October 2014: In this year's ISMIR conference we presented the first approach to achieve high accuracies in beat tracking of "odd" meters, see the paper here.

  • 18 July 2014: After successfully organizing the 4th Workshop on Folk Music Analysis (FMA) in Istanbul, the proceedings are available here.

  • 11 July 2014: Presented the first results of my research on Cretan Leaping dances at the AAWM conference at SOAS, London. See the slides here.

  • 17 April 2014: Received a notification of acceptance for my first tutorial at the ISMIR conference, titled "Why is Greek music interesting: Towards an ethics of MIR", in cooperation with George Tzanetakis.

  • 9 April 2014: We did the final shootings for my documentary movie on amateur Fado in Porto between 1 April and 8 April 2014!

  • We will be organizing the 4th International workshop on Folk Music Analysis in Istanbul 12-13 June 2014, please see the website and we hope to see you in Istanbul.

  • April 2014: In co-operation with the colleagues from CompMusic we have three interesting articles related to Turkish music accepted for the Journal of New Music Research, see my publication list for details.

  • 4 July 2013: In cooperation with Emmanouil Benetos, we have an ISMIR paper on transcription of Turkish Makam music accepted. Get the paper here

  • June 2013: From 6-7 June I attended the Folk Music Analysis workshop in Amsterdam, where I presented my first study on tempo and rhythmic idioms in Turkish improvisation. Get the paper here.

  • I attended the music seminar "The Tanbur through the ages" taught by Murat Aydemir in the Labyrinth workshop series in Houdetsi, Greece from 22 to 27 June 2013.

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