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Ilenia Iengo

Profilbild av Ilenia Iengo

Om mig

Early career researcher in Political Ecology and Environmental Humanities.

Research Engineer at KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, she is currently part of the Occupy Climate Change project funded by Formas.

She holds a Masters Degree in International Environmental Studies from International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Her thesis is an investigation on the Urban Political Ecology of waste conflicts, toxic biographies and environmental injustice in Campania, Italy, where she is from and is part of the Stop Biocidio network. She has worked on ToxicBios: a guerrilla narrative
of Public Environmental Humanities mapping contamination, illness and
resistance for emancipatory storytelling. Her research focuses on the matters of
politicization of ill bodies, narratives of contamination, trans-corporeality, feminist studies, environmental justice and activism, urban commons, radical urban geographies and practices. She nurtures interest to work at the interface between academic research and activism.