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Publications by Andreas Jemstedt



Kubik, V., Jemstedt, A., Eshratabadi, H. M., Schwartz, B. L. & Jönsson, F. U. (2022). The underconfidence-with-practice effect in action memory : The contribution of retrieval practice to metacognitive monitoring. Metacognition and Learning.
Forsberg Lundell, F., Arvidsson, K. & Jemstedt, A. (2022). What factors predict perceived nativelikeness in long-term L2 users?. Second language research.
Jemstedt, A., Schwartz, B. L. & Jönsson, F. U. (2018). Ease-of-learning judgments are based on both processing fluency and beliefs. Memory, 26(6), 807-815.
Jemstedt, A., Kubik, V. & Jönsson, F. U. (2017). What moderates the accuracy of ease of learning judgments?. Metacognition and Learning, 12(3), 337-355.

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Schwartz, B. L. & Jemstedt, A. (2021). The Role of Fluency and Dysfluency in Metacognitive Experiences. In Moraitou, Despina; Metallidou, Panayiota (Ed.), Trends and Prospects in Metacognition Research across the Life Span: A Tribute to Anastasia Efklides (pp. 25-40). Springer Nature.
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