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Jinzhi Lu

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Brief bio

My name is Jinzhi Lu,  Ph.D. in Division of Mechatronics, Department of Machine Design, ITM School during 2014 and 2019. Now I am a research scientist at EPFL. I was a senior project manager (30%) in Suzhou Tongyuan Soft.&Ctrl. Tech. Co., Ltd. Currently, I am CSEP (04944), a senior member of China Council on Systems Engineering (CCOSE) and co-founder of MBSEWiki in Chinese, TC member in IEEE SMC MBSE Group and MBSE consultant in ANSYS China. Furthermore, I am the PC members of INCOSE IS, IEEE SOSE and worldcist conferences; I am also the reviewers of IEEE ACCESS and Information & Communications Technology Express.

My Research:

My research interests are in the areas of cyber-physical systems, aero-engines in particular with

  • Systems engineering and model-based systems engineering (MBSE)
  • Co-simulation and integrated verification & validation
  • Domain-specific modeling and architecture design
  • Service-oriented tool-chain development and service orchestration
  • Simulation-based decision making and design automation
  • MBSE enterprise transitioning. 

My thesis:

A Framework for Cyber-physical System Tool-chain Development: A Service-oriented and Model-based Systems Engineering Approach

Technical Report:

State-of-the-art of MBSE tool-chains

My Publications:

Accepted and Published:

  1. Jinzhi Lu , Guoxin Wang ,Xin Tao, Jian Wang and Martin Törngren (2019). A Domain-specific Modeling Approach Supporting Tool-chain Analysis, ICAE (IF:4.904).
  2. Jinzhi Lu, Xinguo Wang*, Martin Törngren (2019). Design Ontology in a Case Study for Co-simulation in a Model-based Systems Engineering Tool-chain, IEEE Systems journal,  DOI:10.1109/JSYST.2019.2911418 (IF:4.337).
  3. Jinzhi Lu, Jiqiang Wang, Dejiu Chen, Jian Wang, Martin Törngren.  A Service-oriented Tool-chain for Model-based System Engineering of Aero-engines. (2018),IEEE ACCESS (IF:3.557). 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2868055.
  4. Tao Xin, Jinzhi Lu,  Dejiu Chen, Martin Törngren (2020). Probabilistic Inference for Fault Detection of Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty, IEEE Systems journal.
  5. Lu Jinzhi, Guoxin Wang, Jiangmin Guo, Hongwei Wang, Hang Zhang and Martin Torngren, A General Modeling Language Supporting Model-based Systems Engineering Formalisms (Part 1), 30th Annual INCOSE International Symposium.
  6. Jiangmin Guo, Guoxin Wang, Lu Jinzhi*, Shengnan Sun and Hang Zhang, A General Modeling Language Supporting Architecture driven and Code Generation (Part 2), 30th Annual INCOSE International Symposium.
  7. Jinwei Chen, Zhenchao Hu, Jinzhi Lu*, Huisheng Zhang*, Sihan Huang,Martin Törngren. An Open Source Lifecycle Collaboration Approach Supporting Internet of Things System Development, IEEE – 14th System of Systems Engineering Conference.
  8. Hongwei Wang, Guoxin Wang, Jinzhi Lu*, Changfeng Ma. Ontology supporting Model-based Systems Engineering based on a GOPPRR approach. WorldCist'19 - 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies.
  9. Binbin Hao, Jinzhi Lu*, Jun Li, Guoxin Wang, Xiaoping Lan, Jianjiang Chen, Xin Wu. Domain-specific Modeling Approach Supporting Model-based Systems Engineering in Aero-engine Development, MBSE Special Issue, Science & Technology Review (Chinese)
  10. Mengyun Lian, Jian Wang, Jinzhi Lu. A New Hardware Logic Circuit for Evaluating Chip Multi-Processor Security, conference paper,  Conference on Instrumentation & Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control, 2018
  11. Jian Wang*, Jinzhi Lu*, Zhe Chen, A Fault Propagation Model for Un-reconvergence Path Netlist in FPGA, conference paper, 5th International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering (ICISCE).
  12. Jian Wang*, Jinzhi Lu*, Zhe Chen, Shize Guo and Yubai Li, A Thermal-balance-oriented Task Mapping Algorithm for CMPs, The 8th International Conference on Information Communication and Management
  13. Jinzhi Lu, Yuejie Wen, Didem Gürdür, Qi Li, Martin Törngren. MBSE Applicability Analysis in Chinese Industry, 28th Annual INCOSE International Symposium.
  14. Zhigang Liu*, Mengfei Yang*, Qi Chen,Qing Du,Ning Xia, Jinzhi Lu*. An MBSE Tool to Support Architecture Design for Spacecraft Electrical Power System, 28th Annual INCOSE International Symposium.
  15. Jinzhi Lu, Dejiu Chen,Jian Wang, Martin Törngren.Towards A Service-oriented Framework for MBSE Tool-chain Development, IEEE – 13th System of Systems Engineering Conference.
  16. Jinzhi Lu, Didem Gürdür, Dejiu Chen, Jian Wang and Martin Törngren, Empirical-Evolution of Frameworks Supporting Co-simulation Tool-Chain Development. WorldCist'18 - 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies.
  17. Jian Wang*, Hongxin Li, Jinzhi Lu, Kun Li, Huan Li, Lian Yang and Yubai Li. (2017) A New PSO-based Layout Method for GNSS Pseudolite System, IEEE ICIT, International Conference on Industrial Technology (best presentation).
  18. Jinzhi Lu, Dejiu Chen, Jian Wang and Martin Törngren (2017), A Tool Integration Language to Formalize Co-simulation Tool-chains for Cyber-physical System (CPS), Workshop on Formal Co-Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems in SEFM2017.
  19. Lu, J., Chen, D.-J., Gürdür, D. and Törngren, M. (2017), An Investigation of Functionalities of Future Tool-chain for Aerospace Industry. INCOSE International Symposium, 27: 1408–1422. doi:10.1002/j.2334-5837.2017.00437.x
  20. Jinzhi Lu, Dejiu Chen, Martin Törngren, Frédéric Loiret. A Model-driven and Tool-integration Framework for Whole Vehicle Co-simulation Environments. 8th European Congress on Embedded Real Time Software and Systems (ERTS 2016), Jan 2016, Toulouse, France.
  21. Dong Zhang, Jin-zhi Lu, Lin Wang, Jun Li, Research of Model-based Aero-engine Control System Design Structure and Workflow, In Procedia Engineering, Volume 99, 2015, Pages 788-794, ISSN 1877-7058.
  22. Lu J., Chen D., Wang J., Li W. , An Investigation of Model-Based Design Framework for Aero-Engine Control Systems. In: Proceedings of the 2015 Chinese Intelligent Systems Conference. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
  23. Lu J., Ding J., Zhou F., Gong X. (2016) Research of Tool-Coupling Based Electro-hydraulic System Development Method. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation. Atlantis Press, Paris

Submitted (Under review):

  1. Model-based Systems Engineering Tool-chain to Support Development of the Internet of Things, journal article.
  2. An MBSE Tool-chain Supporting Automated Co-simulation of Cyber-physical Systems, journal article.

Ongoing work:

  1. 系统工程-基于国际标准过程的研究与应用 (book-chapter)
  2. 20190850-T-489 系统与软件工程 系统生存周期过程 (define standard based on ISO&IEC&IEEE 15288)

Towards work:

  1. Reinforce learning supporting decision making in a service-oriented MBSE tool-chain.
  2. Design Ontology Supporting Domain-specific Modeling Formalism based on a GOPPRR Approach, journal article.
  3. MBSE enterprise transitioning formalisms based on evolution theory.

Presentations in Workshop:

  1. Invited Speech, 21th and 26th CCOSE workshop, MBSE tool-chain development and Practice.
  2. Invited Speech, System of Systems Engineering Collaborators Information Exchange (SoSECIE) Webinar Archive, 2019.


  1. The effects of test process automation on fault frequency for a spreader system, 2016, Henrik Hamber and Linus Skjutar Apell.
  2. A Path Planning Approach for Context-Aware Autonomous UAVs used for Surveying Areas in Developing Regions, 2018, Fredrika Kringberg.
  3. A Practical Approach of an Internet of RoboticThings Platform, 2018, Robert Yousif.
  4. GNSS Position Error Estimated by Machine Learning Techniques with Environmental Obstruction Input Method, Alejandro Kuratomi(Radionavigeringsnämndens (RNN) stipendium BEST APPLICATION FIRST/PRICE AWARDS).

My project:

I.        Model-based systems engineering approach for CPS development (2014-2018)

This is an ongoing project aiming to create a development platform for CPS. Current achievements of this project are to provide a service-oriented tool-chain development framework and an MBSE tool-chain supporting domain-specific views, co-simulation, tool-integration, process management and design automation.

II.        Towards to Systems Engineering Approach for CPS Prognostic Health Management System (PHM) Development (2016-2018)

This is a pilot project aiming to develop a systems engineering toolbox supporting EPHM system development. Systems engineering standards, such as ISO15288, ISO42010 and SAE standards, such as APR 4761 and APR4754 are mainly considered during the systems engineering toolbox development. By using the proposed toolbox, a new development artifact of PHM based on SE and MBSE is expected to be designed based on the traditional development artifact of PHM systems.

III.        Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Data Management System (2011-2013)

This project aimed to create an integrated-development platform for mechatronics systems. 1) A management system of C/S structure was developed with an emphasis on management of models, data, interfaces based on Simulink. 2) A virtual environment was developed based on Simulink which provided support for co-simulation between AMESim, Saber, Flowmaster, Simplorer and Simulink. 3) In order to improve the efficiency of co-simulation, natural networks simulators can be trained to replace related software during co-simulation.

IV.        Digital Integrated Control Software & Hardware Development and Hardware-in-loop Simulation Verification Platform on CPS (2010-2011)

This project aimed to verify the functional requirements on the view of retracting landing gear . The verification was implemented on an integrated view of the hydraulic, control and multi-body dynamics systems based on co-simulations among LMS Motion, AMESim and Matlab/Simulink.


V.        Mechanical design in the quadruped robot (2008-2010)

This project aimed to design a quadruped walking machine from a view of the innovative design of the mechanical systems. As the team lead, I contribute to the design, development and prototype of the quadruped walking machine.

Profile picture of Jinzhi Lu