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Business knowledge development in international construction projects using BIM

This project is led by Dr. Tina Karrbom Gustavsson, and Susanna Vass is a PhD student in this project. THey are both at KTH

This research project develops an integrated study of Building information Management (BIM) and Knowledge Management to improve business knowledge development in theconstruction industry.

The business outcome of experience based learning about how to apply BIM in international construction projects is the theoretical focus of this project. The business outcomes are cost, profit, and competitive advantage. To put it simply, this projet investigates the 'business side' of BIM.

The project's research approach is empirical and international and based on the findings from an international survey the aim is to provide theconstruction project developers with practical tools and routines for how to utilise BIM on a daily basis for the development of business knowledge, sustainable construction and ultimately competitive advantage.