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Publications by Lina Grundtman Isacs



Isacs, L., Finnveden, G., Dahllöf, L., Håkansson, C., Petersson, L., Steen, B. ... Wikström, A. (2016). Choosing a monetary value of greenhouse gases in assessment tools. Journal of Cleaner Production.
Gren, I.-M., Isacs, L. & Carlsson, M. (2009). Costs of alien invasive species in Sweden. Ambio, 38(3).
Gren, I.-M. & Isacs, L. (2009). Ecosystem services and regional development : An application to Sweden. Ecological Economics(68), 2549-2559.


Isacs, L., Finnveden, G., Håkansson, C. (2019). Valuation of Abiotic Resources in Life Cycle Assessment. Presented at Life Cycle Management 2019, September, Poznan, Poland.

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Isacs, L., Finnveden, G., Palander, S., Steen, B., Widerberg, A. & Wikström, A. (2014). Ingen vet kostnaden för utsläpp. Dagens industri.


Isacs, L. (2021). Deliberating value : On the theory and practice of valuation of nature from neoclassical to ecological economics (Doctoral thesis , KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, TRITA-ABE-DLT 2130). Retrieved from


Isacs, L., Håkansson, C., Lindahl, T., Gunnarsson-Östling, U. (). "I didn’t count WTP as part of the value": Respondents’ perspective on willingness to pay – an inductive approach. (Manuscript).
Isacs, L., Kenter, J., Wetterstrand, H., Katzeff, C. (). What does value pluralism mean in practice? An empirical demonstration from a deliberative valuation. (Manuscript).
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