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Martina Cattaruzza

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The electrified society puts an ever increasing demand on new technical solutions to store energy in an efficient and functional way. This is especially challenging for non- stationary systems e.g. vehicles, mobile devices, etc. where the energy storage must be contained within the system boarders.

Although working reasonably well there is still a strong demand for even more efficient ways of energy storage and as well as weight reduction to reduce the environmental impact of futures society.

In my research group, we are developing the concept of multifunctionality to design materials that perform more than one function simultaneously. In particular we are focusing on a battery that not only can store energy efficiently but also should have a structural integrity i.e. carry a mechanical load and thus be an integrated part of a device.

The overall aim of my PhD project is to develop, and gain an improved fundamental understanding on the formation and final structure – property relationship of hybrid solid state electrolytes for batteries and the interaction with electrode materials.

I am from Italy where I studied my Master in Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Processes at Politecnico of Turin.


Polymeric Materials (KF1050), assistant | Course web

Surface Coatings Chemistry (KF2150), assistant | Course web