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Mikael Cronhjort

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About me

Mikael Cronhjort, PhD, is lecturer, researcher and educational developer with background in engineering physics, theoretical physics, and in mathematics. He also has a master degree in education. In 1995, Mikael presented his doctoral thesis Models and computer simulations of origins of life and evolution in theoretical physics.

Mikael has been teaching theoretical physics and mathematics at KTH, and mathematics, physics and chemistry in the upper secondary school. He has also been engaged in curriculum development, distance education for adult learners, and in construction of national tests in Mathematics for the upper secondary school. Mikael is secretary of ICMI-Sweden, a sub-department to the National Committee for Mathematics at the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, since 2015.

Since 2011, Mikael is educational developer at KTH and has been involved in faculty training and educational development at KTH and in international projects. He has designed and lead courses in Constructive alignment and LH220V Project in Educational Science. During 2014-2019, Mikael has been Programme Director of the integrated dual degree programme Master of Science in Engineering and in Education (Civilingenjör och lärare) at KTH. The graduates of the programme receive two master degrees, one in engineering and one in education.

Mikael has been doing research in theoretical physics, teaching and learning in mathematics, and in higher education. Currently, his main research interests are engineering education and teacher education.

Profile picture of Mikael Cronhjort